High Five Part 5 Rates: x5000 adena x5000, enhants: safe 3 max 18


grant opening at April 16 join us!
L2ExtremeRoyal.ws Downloads

Welcome To L][ExtremeRoyal H5 server

Those are some instructions of how to play in our server some very simple steps to join us!

1. Download and Installation of Lineage 2 Freya H5.

If you still do not have the game, download and install the Lineage II - Freya H5 client on your computer.

Note: Once installed, do not start the game and do not Update it.

Download Lineage II - Freya H5 client

2. Download and drop in your game directory the L][Extreme royal Launcher
( Usually directory is C:/Program Files/NCSoft/Lineage II/ )
execute the application once it finishes you can play and enjoy the game

note: after the first instalation you get
a desktop shortcut so you will not have to go all the way to your game directories all the time!