High Five Part 5 Rates: x5000 adena x5000, enhants: safe 3 max 18


grant opening at April 21 join us!
Welcome on L2ExtremeRoyal.ws

We give you the opportunity to join a fresh H5 gameplay and remebmer the days, when a player gets great joy from each of your achievements!

Server Administration promises you the highest starting line of all servers thanks to solid investment in an advertising campaign. Also at our disposal: - The most powerful server hardware from companies evohosts.net - Protection against Ddos attacks - from the company proxy StormWall.pro - The best defense against illegal software - Smart-Guard/LameGuard - Interlude assembly from the leading team of developers, 99% corresponding to the official server times chronicles Interlude. - Ideal GeoData - Well-thought-out gameplay and server economics We give you the opportunity to go back in the days of Lineage 2, when a player gets great joy from each of your achievements! Why should you must to play here: A fresh look at the concept of gameplay! Ongoing support online through powerful advertising! Comfortable game without delays and friezes! PvP battles 24/7! Hot siege! Competent and honest administration! No shadow donation! Stable operation of all the resources of the project! The project will run until the last player!