High Five Part 5 Rates: x5000 adena x5000, enhants: safe 3 max 18


grant opening at April 21 join us!
Our donate list

L2 Extreme royal is a server, existing only to please your gaming thirst
and our developers gms and admins

are working feverishly day and night for you to have the best gaming experience which you will not be able to find in other servers.

To do so we spend a lot time, thought, inspiration and money of course, so if you want to help us advance and stay live longer,

so we can offer you better and higher quality of gaming experience, you can always donate to us.

And so we can make it more intriguing

we set up an donate reward list for you to choose to your needing!

Our donate rewards are ExtremeRoyal Coin!
with those you can buy special eqipment or items in our gm shop!

1.00€ = 1 ExtremeRoyal Coin

10.00€ = 15 ExtremeRoyal Coin

25.00€ = 45 ExtremeRoyal Coin

100€ = 200 ExtremeRoyal Coin

200€ = 250 ExtremeRoyal Coin

300€ = 800 ExtremeRoyal Coin

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